Best Kid’s Teeth Cleaning & Exams in Franklin, TN

Start Out with a Healthy Smile

Firefly Pediatric Dentistry is a comprehensive pediatric dental office that offers a variety of services to meet the needs of children ages 0-18. A typical dental office can seem overwhelming at a young age, which is why we believe in offering children a space where they feel comfortable. Our professional kid’s teeth cleanings and dental exams are a must to ensure great oral health. Our team of dental assistants and hygienists along with our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Justin M. Chafin, DMD, will provide your little ones with specialized kid’s teeth cleanings customized for each stage of their childhood and adolescence. Call our Franklin, TN office at (651) 236-9150 or schedule a pediatric dental cleaning appointment online to give your child a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

Children Shine with Every Smile!

Firefly Pediatric Dentistry Inspires Healthy Teeth and Happy Patients

When Is the Right Time?

It is imperative to schedule your kid’s dental exams and teeth cleanings as soon as their teeth start to show. Children are susceptible to gum disease and cavities just like any adult, which is why ensuring their teeth are able to stand up to the food they are consuming is so important. Waiting too long for their first pediatric dental cleaning can lead to complications or irreversible issues that could cost you more if not treated early. Our services are uniquely suited for your child’s specific age group to protect their teeth as soon as possible.

What is the Process?

Our pediatric teeth cleaning process looks slightly different depending on your child’s age and tooth development. Our kid’s dental cleanings are designed to be quick and effective. Most kid’s dental exams will last around 30 minutes. It is important to know what your child’s age specific treatment process looks like so you can better monitor their oral health at home. Here are the in-office procedures and treatments our staff will perform for each age group during their checkups:


  1. Evaluate hard structures such as teeth and alveolar bone
  2. Evaluate soft tissues such as cheeks, gums, lips, and frenum attachments
  3. Evaluate your child’s oral hygiene and risk of tooth decay
  4. Remove stains with a toothbrush
  5. Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques
  6. Assess fluoride levels
  7. Look for sores, bumps, cysts, or any pathology or abnormality
  8. Evaluate the impact of habits such as pacifier use and thumb sucking

Toddlers to Young Teens

  1. Perform a thorough examination
  2. Take digital X-rays
  3. Remove plaque and polish teeth
  4. Teach brushing and flossing
  5. Repair tooth defects, fill cavities, or perform any other needed treatment
  6. Track loss of baby teeth and development of permanent teeth
  7. Apply sealants to teeth susceptible to decay
  8. Counsel child about jaw clenching or nail biting
  9. Look for problems in bite alignment
  10. Pre-orthodontic treatment such as a special mouthpiece
  11. Referral for orthodontic treatment such as braces when appropriate


This age group is typically treated with the same procedures as 1 to 13 year olds in addition to advice regarding how the following actions can affect oral health:


  1. Caring for teeth and gums while in permanent dentition
  2. Drinking soda
  3. Smoking and vaping
  4. Chewing tobacco
  5. Eating disorders
  6. Oral piercings
  7. Not wearing a mouthguard during contact sports

What Is the Cost?

The cost of our kid’s teeth cleanings and dental exams varies based on your individual insurance provider. However, we do our best to offer very affordable pediatric teeth cleaning in the Franklin area. It simply comes down to the fact that the benefits outweigh the costs when investing in your kid’s dental cleanings and exams. Pediatric dental exams are proven to fix issues before they become serious, painful, or even life threatening. Taking these preventative measures today will ensure health and save more money in the long run. Call or contact us today and we will be happy to discuss pricing and scheduling your kid’s dental cleanings and exams.

Want to Make That Smile Shine?

At Firefly Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin, TN, our kid’s dental exams and cleanings are the first step in providing your children with a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Our team of pediatric professionals use the latest pediatric dental techniques and technologies to provide your children with exceptional preventative care. Schedule and appointment online or call (651) 236-9150 to take control of your child’s oral health and future.