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How Early Should Your Baby’s First Dentist Appointment Be?

We should take our children to the dentist as soon as we notice their first tooth, within 6 months of the eruption of that first tooth, or by the first birthday. Taking a 1-year-old child for their first appointment may seem young if you aren’t used to it, but establishing a trusting relationship between your child and the dental professionals is essential for both future damage prevention and a decrease in the dental anxiety that can sometimes occur in a child who doesn’t understand what to expect.  

It is essential for your baby, no matter their age, to develop a positive and trusting relationship with both a hygienist and a dentist who have effective practices in building relationships with children. Pediatric dentists have gone through dental school and have then further specialized in pediatric dentistry to combat one of the largest problems they have to face, pediatric dental anxiety. 

Your kiddo needs to get used to someone feeling around on their teeth and gums and a pediatric dentist will check their jaw formation and can identify many potential problems before they occur. They can even suggest early preventive or orthodontic treatments that will save time, money, and even pain in the long run. “Children who have their first dental visit before age one have 40 percent lower dental costs in their first five years than children who do not”.

The key is to make an appointment as early as possible because you want to ensure that you and your child both get a feel for the office and find out if it’s a good fit for both of you. Try not to make your appointment during their naptime. They should be awake and, hopefully, not irritable during the appointment. Make sure they are fed and keep reassuring them up until their appointment so that they feel safe.

When it comes to our young children’s teeth, when should our baby’s first dentist appointment be? Where should we take them for their first appointment? What will happen?

The great dental staff at Firefly Pediatric Dentistry is excited to answer any questions that you may have. 

Children Shine with Every Smile!

Firefly Pediatric Dentistry Inspires Healthy Teeth and Happy Patients

Dr. Justin M. Chafin, DMD will develop an effective and playful rapport with your child from the start. He will examine all hard and soft tissues and structures including teeth, gums, occlusion, cheeks, lips, and tongue. This is to evaluate growth and development and look for any problems or abnormalities. Your baby’s teeth will be cleaned and polished in a way that is gentle on their mouths and they will receive a fun lesson on how to use a toothbrush correctly while we search for any damage or decay.

 He has experience talking with children at various ages about their teeth and gums and is great at explaining and reinforcing excellent oral health habits. These lessons will always be reinforced at every dental visit in the future, which is typically every six months or so, developing into a way-of-life at home.


What Will Happen At The First Appointment?

For you, the first appointment at Firefly Pediatric Dentistry is an initial introduction to discuss customizable options for every age and level of development. The appointments are made as short as possible, and we make sure to communicate everything that we do to you and to your child so that everyone knows what is happening and what to expect. You can expect it to take about 30-45 minutes for your little one to receive a thorough exam and cleaning.

 For your child, this visit is to get to know the dentist and supporting staff while learning that going to the appointment is really no big deal. They will learn over time that they have the power to keep their teeth healthy and treatment easy. The best part is that they will receive the best instruction they need from such an early age that the information will become second nature.

Our goal is for all patients to be accepted and treated in a loving, patient way.

What Can We Do At Home To Encourage Healthy Dental Habits?

The best thing that parents can do when it comes to kids’ oral health is to encourage healthy eating and brushing habits in your children while reassuring them that they are safe and that the dental staff are their friends.

An important thing to remember is to not transfer any of your personal fears or dental anxiety to your child. Going to a pediatric dentist today is very different from when you were a child and your kid will have a much different experience than you had in the past. Even if you do not verbalize these fears, your kids can pick up on them. So keep calm and positive and know that they can have an easy and enjoyable experience at the dentist.

 Fear and anxiety will continue to grow when the children feel that a boundary has been crossed, especially when they can’t verbalize their emotions to you. If you are relaxed, they will be relaxed. Use positive language with a positive attitude and start young. Wash your hands and feel along your child’s gums when they are babies so that they will be used to the feeling when they get older. 

Sometimes, reading a children’s book about going to the dentist, offering a treat after a dental visit, or allowing them an extra privilege will do wonders for their behavior, especially when they know that there is nothing to worry about. Take them to the park after your visit or, perhaps, allow them to watch a movie you have “accidentally lost” after the 50th time watching it in a row.

All patients and families are welcome at Firefly Pediatric Dentistry.

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