Pediatric Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee

When your child needs restorative dental treatment, it’s important to choose a pediatric dentist who provides proper care combined with extra comfort. Restorative dentistry fixes teeth that have been damaged or altered by dental caries (cavities), trauma (chips, broken teeth, etc.), or developmental defects. At Firefly Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Justin works with every patient specifically and individually. He helps children and their parents understand the reason a restoration may be necessary, and then talks through all the options available for treatment. Dr. Justin wants each dental experience to be a positive experience, and his restorative procedures are intended to improve the child’s overall oral health and his or her attitude toward dental visits now and in the future.

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When is Restorative Dental Care Necessary?

Dental restorations are very common and are performed on teeth to prevent any further damage, pain, or infection. Children have their primary teeth from the time they grow in as a baby until around age 12. These baby teeth hold space and guide the permanent teeth into the optimal position when they are ready to grow into the mouth. The primary teeth also function to hold a correct level of supporting alveolar bone as well as to cut, chew, and grind food. Whenever tooth decay, a developmental defect, or a traumatic event destroys part of a tooth, that part oftentimes needs to be restored. Tooth with decay that has reached an inner layer of the tooth or that has grown too large to remineralize will require a restoration. Children who chip or break teeth due to trauma, habits, hits, or falls may need restorations to restore the form and function of the injured teeth. Teeth with missing pieces due to developmental defects can also be fixed with restorations.

Restorative Dental Procedures

If your child’s primary teeth need fixing, we typically use a restorative procedure which may include fillings or crowns. A large cavity may cause nerve irritation leading to a toothache or eventually infection. In baby teeth the procedure to clean out the infected nerve or portion of the nerve and protect it from further damage is also a restorative procedure.

In primary teeth, there is no need for impressions, scans, laboratory work, or temporary crowns. Crowns can be fitted and cemented into the tooth immediately after the cavity has been removed. The time to restore a tooth with a crown is the same as with a filling. Schedule one treatment appointment, and the problem is fixed!

Is a Specialist Necessary for Restorative Care?

If you prefer to take your child to a specialist, we certainly encourage you to do so. However, we believe it is not always necessary. Some children respond much better to seeing a specialist. Pediatric dentists, such as Dr. Justin, have years of extra training and specialized experience restoring teeth in children and teens. Pediatric dentists are trained in many different obvious and subtle techniques used to treat kids while also monitoring and doing what is best for growth and development. Pediatric dentists also only treat kids each and every day and are not spread thin by multiple various treatments. Firefly Pediatric is a relaxed, fun, and kid-friendly office. We strive to make every patient happier through exceptional dental care.

Are Dental Restorations Expensive?

The cost of restorative work varies, depending on what type of restorations are needed and how much the patient’s insurance covers. Normally, dental insurance covers most of the cost of each restorative procedure. When restoration is needed, we will always discuss all of your options with you. Together, we work to formulate a treatment plan, which will include a cost estimate. We break down the estimate in detail so that you will know what amount is due at each appointment.


The Advantages of Choosing Firefly Pediatric Dentistry for Your Child’s Restorative Dental Work

We are a small, locally-owned and operated business. Dr. Justin is the only dentist who will work on your child’s teeth. This makes it easier for your child to adjust to dental procedures and maintain a good relationship with the dentist. Building and maintaining good rapport is important because it results in patients who grow up without fear of the dentist. Positive experiences in the kids dental office lead to healthier teeth and mouths for life.

Dr. Justin is very thorough at all dental procedures. He truly wants what is best for each patient. That’s why he talks through all the options available and works together to formulate a treatment plan with you. If you ever have questions, we remain open and honest, trying to answer each question to the best of our ability. Fear of the unknown should not be a barrier to getting the dental care your child needs.

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