Pediatric Sedation and Relaxation Dentistry

What is Sedation or Relaxation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is a service offered at Firefly Pediatric Dentistry in Franklin, TN, to help children with dental anxiety or special needs. Unlike general anesthesia, which leaves a person completely unconscious, the sedatives used allow patients to remain awake yet relaxed, oftentimes falling asleep during treatment. Patients will also recover from the oral sedation effects faster while experiencing decreased anxiety and discomfort. The entire process rarely lasts more than a few hours.
Firefly Pediatric Dentistry typically schedules our sedation appointments early in the day around 8:00 or 8:30 am. Patients who scheduled in the morning typically return to normal and walk out of our dental office before lunchtime.

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When is Sedation Dentistry used?

Pediatric Sedation dentistry is a good option for kids who are extremely fearful or anxious or not cooperative enough for routine treatment. It can also be a good choice for patents with special health care needs or extensive treatment situations requiring multiple appointments. Relaxation dentistry can be an excellent option to help improve a patent’s dental experience; three typical situations include:

  1. When very young children are unable to keep still long enough for a pediatric dentist to safely perform dental procedures. Sedation dentistry reduces the stress for the patient and the parents. It also dramatically reduces the risk of injury.
  2. Some children struggle with dental anxiety making dental appointments somewhat traumatic or have had a traumatic dental experience in the past. Relaxation or sedation dentistry helps them to relax and leaves them with a more positive dental experience.
  3. Sedation can be particularly useful for children with special health care needs. It helps to promote cooperative behavior and prevent spontaneous movements.

Is Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes. The team at Firefly Pediatric Dental adheres to the pediatric sedation dentistry guidelines outlined by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The medications used are administered at a very safe dosage that is customized for each patient. Your child’s condition is consistently monitored before, during, and after any dental procedure to ensure his or her safety. Additionally, Dr. Justin is a Clinical Assistant Professor for NYU Langone Dental Medicine with extensive experience performing dental sedation. He also teaches Oral Conscious Sedation to 1st and 2nd year, postdoctoral pediatric dental residents, at the Nashville location for Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry.

What type of sedation options do you offer?

Firefly Pediatric Dental offers two sedation options in our Franklin TN Office, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation. Each Option comes with its own particular benefits.
Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas – Laughing Gas is a very safe and effective sedative. The gas is combined with oxygen and delivered through a mask placed over the child’s nose. Its rapidly absorbed and eliminated, so the patent feels the relaxing effects quickly. Those same euphoric effects wear off quickly after the gas is turned off. The pediatric dentist may recommend nitrous oxide when children exhibit nervousness or anxiety.
Oral Conscious Sedation – Children who are particularly anxious, uncooperative kids, or patients who are unable to control their muscles for long periods, may be offered oral sedation. Oral sedatives come in an assortment of different forms, such as tablets, pills, or liquids. Most often we use liquid medications so that we can fully customize the dose for each patient, and it is easier to ingest. They may make the child feel drowsy, relaxed, or delirious. The level of sedation in each case is highly specific and tailored to each dental patient.

  • Minimal sedation – your child is awake and relaxed.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – your child slur some words when speaking and will probably not remember much of the procedure.
  • Deep sedation – the patient is on the edge of consciousness, but they can still be woken up.

For more extensive or extreme cases, we can complete the dental treatment under general anesthesia at an ambulatory surgery center.

How much does it cost to be sedated at the dentist?

The price of the treatment varies depending on the type of sedation and your insurance coverage. If you are considering sedating your child at their dental appointments, we will discuss your options and form a treatment plan during your initial exam or consultation. We can also break down all costs into a detailed report that will show how much your estimated portion will be for each visit and procedure.

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